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Fact: One in three businesses will incur a payroll tax violation with an average penalty of $845.00.
Eliminate Payroll Hassles
Payroll processing continues to get more complicated every year. It's exhausting to handle it in-house while running a successful business. Our staff is dedicated to staying current with constantly-changing payroll laws and regulations. If you’re tired of handling the complex paperwork, let us provide affordable, accurate service that takes the hassle out of payroll. Click More Info for details.
We can help your business operate more smoothly by:
  • Running your company's payroll according to your pay schedule.
  • Ensuring payroll deposits are made on a timely basis.
  • Guaranteeing that your quarterly and year-end payroll reports are accurately prepared and mailed to meet government deadlines.
  • Monitoring all changes in payroll law to keep you in compliance and help avoid costly penalties.
One of the best ways to avoid Payroll Mistakes is to use Intuit's Payroll Services.
We can assist you in this regard. The three choices we suggest in using QuickBooks:
1. Enhanced Payroll Services
If you pay state payroll taxes and/or workers compensation insurance, then QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll Plus is right for your business. Everything you need to process your payroll in-house easily, accurately and with confidence is included. Your subscription also includes automatic upgrades to the latest version of QuickBooks Pro or Premier software at no extra cost.
Accurately process payroll right in QuickBooks. Gives you the control and flexibility of processing payroll in QuickBooks when it's convenient for you.
New! Automatically fills out both federal and state payroll tax forms. Just click, review, print, sign and mail!
New! Convenient and automatic upgrades to the latest version of QuickBooks Pro or Premier software at no extra cost
New! Track Workers Compensation codes and rates. Built in tracking, calculation, and reporting simplifies Workers Compensation tracking
New! Perform one-step net-to-gross calculations for bonus and commission checks. Eliminate trial-and-error guesswork
Stay current with automatic updates to federal and state tax tables and forms. Download the latest tax table and forms updates as they become available 24 x 7
Take advantage of integrated Direct Deposit - with no set-up fee
New! Input payroll for multiple employees on a single screen. Rapid Time Entry is a huge time saver
Generate payroll reports directly through QuickBooks. Customizable summary-level and detail level reports shows you the impact of payroll on your bottom line
 Option #2   Option #3