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Take control of your service business with
Intuit Field Service Management
Today you can go from managing your business to growing it. Intuit Field Service Management can help you to better manage and grow your business by making it easy to move your service company from paper to a web and wireless operation while streamlining your processes.
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Get More Work Done: Work Order

With Intuit Field Service Management ES, dispatchers can schedule, assign work, and update workers in the field in a split second on their mobile devices. Real time communication between your office and field employees reduces your response time and improve productivity. Proactively manage your work load by balancing request work and service agreement work.
Smart Scheduling
Creating a work order in Intuit Field Service Management ES couldn't be easier. No more spending time writing down customer information, service needs, or searching for an available technician. Simply call up your customer's information, assess their needs, and use our skill and priority based scheduling feature to quickly assign the work order to the right tech every time-allowing both your office and field employees be more productive.
Intuit Field Service Management ES provides you with a birds eye view of what your technician is working on, their work status, job duration, arrival time, travel time, hours clocked, and current location. Proactively managing your technician's schedule so that they spend more time working and less time driving is as easy as dragging and dropping a work order on our dispatch board.
Service Agreement
Lock in additional revenue by selling more service agreements. Intuit Field Service Management's Service Agreement module can help you better fulfill your service agreement contracts by capturing contract terms, equipment information, auto generating work orders , and preferred tech assignment. Proactively balance your workload by better managing your preventative maintenance schedule. Provide quality work, done right and on time.
Mobile Work Order
Break through the paper bottleneck. With Intuit Field Service Management, you trade in your clipboards for mobile devices - so you control processes and information better. This means real time information about work orders and techs' schedules, and faster rescheduling; resulting in more billing time and less windshield time.
Mapping & Locations
Built-in maps makes tracking your workers and finding customer location quick and simple. Use the built-in map to create efficient routes and quickly assign emergency work orders.
Powerful Reporting
Know how your business is doing with built-in reporting tools and dashboards. Check staff productivity, revenue, work orders per technician and more. Use off-the shelf reports or easily create custom reports.

Get Paid Faster: Mobile Payment

Speed up your cash flow, reduce bad debt, and reduce credit card fees by taking payment in the field. Techs can generate invoices for faster invoicing by the back office or take payment out in the field with QuickBooks Merchant Service. Synchronize invoices and payment with QuickBooks Enterprise to keep your books up to date everyday.
Invoicing & Price List
Accurate Parts and Pricing for Efficient, Fast Invoicing:
Standardize your pricing by making your parts catalog and price list available for your field techs with Intuit Field Service Management. As your techs close a work order, they can find and add parts to the invoice. Because your parts list synchs with QuickBooks Enterprise, your techs always have up-to-date pricing information, making invoicing a snap.
Mobile Payment Processing
Mobile Payments Get You Paid on the Spot:
Using mobile payments, your technicians can take payment in the field and you bank your money instantly. There's no waiting, no double entries, and no smudged credit card numbers. Speed up your cash flow and reduce the effort it takes to get paid.
QuickBooks Enterprise
Eliminate Double Data Entry:
Intuit Field Service Management fully integrates with QuickBooks Enterprise, so you generate invoices the instant your tech closes a work order - without shuffling paper. Never leave money at the job site again because your technicians capture time and parts at the worksite for more accurate billing.

Get Payroll Right: Mobile Time Card

Streamline your payroll process by eliminating paper time sheets. GPS location stamp each technician's time card for more accurate reporting. Now you can easily review, approve, population the weekly time sheet in QuickBooks Enterprise, and process payroll.
GPS-Aware Time Cards
Stop Wasting Time Processing Your Payroll:
GPS-aware time cards save time and ensure accurate payrolls. Your technicians no longer have to fill out or turn in a paper time sheet. The time card module collects time card information as your technicians interacts with their work orders that can be review in real time and integrated with the weekly timesheet in QuickBooks Enterprise for seamless payroll processing with Intuit Payroll. Be confident that the GPS-stamped "when" and "where" is correct for each time card, you spend less time and work reviewing and approving them.
Time Card Auditor
Address Time Card Discrepancies Before They Become Payroll Problems:
Don't wait until payroll to address time card discrepancies, do it when memories are fresh. Set up customizable notification rules to be alerted when your technicians turn in a time card that does not meet your rules for an acceptable time card.
Intuit Payroll
Pay Your Team Without Hassles:
Intuit Field Service Management's Time Card module and Intuit Payroll makes processing your payroll a breeze. Capture your field staff's hours directly from the field and review it everyday. The Time Card module cut your payroll processing time and work because it automatically populates each technicians weekly time sheet in QuickBooks Enterprise - already broken down into regular, overtime, and double-time.